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BIC Chrome Platinum Double Edge (DE) Razorblade

  • Bic Chrome Platinum Razor Blades
  • Bic Chrome Platinum Razor Blades
  • Bic Chrome Platinum Razor Blades
  • Bic Chrome Platinum Razor Blades
  • Bic Chrome Platinum Razor Blades
  • Bic Chrome Platinum Razor Blades
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Product Description

BIC Chrome Platinum Double Edge (DE) Razorblade


BIC Chrome Clatinum Double Edge (DE) Razorblades are a high quality Platinum & Chrome coated Steel blade from the famous french brand. An optimum shaving performer, it’s sharp, durable razor edge provides excellent shaving comfort with a high level of shaver’s satisfaction achieved. The blades are of a standard format and will fit and Double Edge Safety Razor. They come in a cardboard pack. PACKS OF 5. Made in Greece.

How to use

Simply unwrap the razorblade from its 'protective paper' and then fir into yor razorblade. Put the used razorblade into the spare protectivepaper and then dispose of in the correct manner

Recommended for

All of the Double Edge (DE) razor blades we sell will fir any DE safety razor. (standard dimensions: 22 x 42.85mm)

Grooming tip

Frequent replacement of razor blades provides a closer shave and less chance of skin irritations and razor burn. Do not wait for the razor to drag before replacing your razor blades. However if you feel razor drag and haven't changed your blade recently, repalce it immediately.


All of the blades we sell are available in 5s, 10s, 50s 100s or full 'books'. Click on the quantity dropdown to check the prices and make your selection.


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Product Reviews

  1. A very good blade 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Apr 2020

    Razor blades are a very personal thing and what suits one person may not suit someone with different beard thickness or growth rates. I prefer BiC to Feather. They are not quite as sharp initially (I always seem to draw blood every time I use a new Feather blade), but they keep a really good edge for longer and their cutting efficiency deteriorates more slowly. They are also a very good price if bought in bulk, usually better than Feather. Don't be put off by any experiences you may have had with BiC disposable razors, which are pretty poor; these are much better. They are certainly worth trying and I suggest you consider a single pack to see if you agree.

  2. Still decent 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Dec 2019

    I first tried these blades around 10 years ago - thought that they were decent blades then, so worth a re visit.Still decent, smooth and sharp.Good value when buying 100.

  3. Well, 4.5****, really 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Nov 2014

    Razor blades: what suits one doesn't necessarily suit another. These BIC blades suit me very well, and are my no. 1 choice. I have moderate beard growth and a fairly sensitive skin (2 passes enough for me), and I like to shave every day. With BIC I get a close, comfortable shave, with barely ever a nick. Most of my razors are 'medium' aggression types of varying weights & handle lengths and I find these blades consistent in each one.

  4. Good quality for price 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Sep 2013

    I have tried several brands of razor blades in my life. The quality of the cheaper blades was disappointing,while the price of expensive one didn't result in a significant better shave.
    I am pretty satified with BIC blades. The price and quality are just right.


About BIC: SociǸtǸ Bic is a company based in Clichy, France, ¶ÿfounded in 1945, by Baron Marcel Bich known for making disposable products including lighters, magnets, ballpoint pens, shaving razors and watersports products. It competes in most markets against Gillette in Safety razors and blades. Their products are generally manufactured to tried and tested designs with little variation but excellent performance.